Mini Moo Milkshakes

Everyone loves a milkshake! And how about three different flavours? Come on then, let’s get a moo-ve on!



1 ripe banana - the squishier the yummier!
400ml whole Isle of Moo milk (blue carton)
100g natural yoghurt
1 punnet raspberries
1 punnet blueberries
6 strawberries
120g mango (fresh or frozen)
3 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream

Moo Method

Creamy, fruity or zesty - you decide! These Mini Moo Milkshakes are perfect for a family picnic and super easy to make. 

Mango Mini Mooshakes

Blend the mango, Isle of Moo milk and ice-cream together in a food processor - make sure your parents are with you to help - until the mix is smoother than a baby calve’s bottom!

And there you have it - one delicious Mango Mini Mooshake!

Strawberry & Raspberry Mini Mooshakes

Blend half the Isle of Moo milk with yoghurt and all the strawberries and raspberries. When it’s smooth, it’s ready! You can use any berry mix you like for this including Moo-berries!

Blueberry Mini Mooshakes

Moo know the drill by now - blend half the Moo Milk with yoghurt and the ice-cream along with your blueberries until it’s smoooooooth! You can add nuts, fruit or even sprinkles if your parents let you!

We hope moo enjoy!

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